Mac Version

Notice to Mac Users:
Catzware is primarily a Windows developer.
All Mac programs are ports of previously
released versions of our Windows programs
and may be missing certain features that
are present in the Windows version.

Version 3.7.1M
This Version Released: February 12th, 2015
Program Initially Released (for Mac): September 4th, 2013
Program Initially Released (for Win): June 16th, 2007


Changes in Version 3.7.1M
1.) Two bugs fixed
2.) New About screen button added
3.) Basketball closing button moved to main window
(appears when basketball is open)
4.) Pictures mode Item Names button updated
5.) Pictures mode on/off light removed (no longer necessary)

Changes in Version 3.7 (which was not released for Mac)
1.) Various bugs fixed
2.) Numbers mode Spelling feature added
3.) Numbers mode Speak All feature added

Feature Unavailable in Mac Version
1.) Multiple Fonts (for letters)
Would require major code changes which
would have delayed release. So, all
letters are displayed in the same font.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4.4 +
Intel processor
1024x768 + screen resolution