Mac Version

Notice to Mac Users:
Catzware is primarily a Windows developer.
All Mac programs are ports of previously
released versions of our Windows programs
and may be missing certain features that
are present in the Windows version.

Version 6.1.1M
This Version Released: November 13th, 2013
Program Initially Released (for Mac): September 1st, 2013
Program Initially Released (for Win): February 5th, 2007


Changes in Version 6.1.1M
1.) New About screen button added
2.) Back button improved
3.) Catzware Update button improved
4.) Quit button improved
5.) New Donate button added
6.) New Facebook "Like" button added
7.) Tooltip text updated
8.) Link to Catzware website removed from logo
9.) Copyright message readded to About screen
10.) Other minor changes
11.) Transparency settings increased from 2 to 5

Changes in Version 6.1 (which was not released for Mac)
1.) Topbar icons redesigned
2.) "Simple Notes" text removed from Topbar
3.) Text size icons redesigned
4.) Text size dialog added (allows you to use any text size you want)
5.) Interface slightly modified
6.) Code cleaned up
7.) Various bugs fixed
8.) Performance improved
9.) High resolution icon added
10.) Other minor changes

Feature Unavailable in Mac Version
1.) Ability to have more than one note open at once
Would require major code changes which
would have delayed release. Will
be included in a future version.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4.4 +
Intel processor