Mac Version

Notice to Mac Users:
Catzware is primarily a Windows developer.
All Mac programs are ports of previously
released versions of our Windows programs
and may be missing certain features that
are present in the Windows version.

Version 2.0M
This Version Released: November 5th, 2013
Program Initially Released (for Mac): October 17th, 2013
Program Initially Released (for Win): September 16th, 2012


Changes in Version 2.0M
1.) Program completely redesigned with new graphics and text
2.) Shrink window feature added
3.) Select all text feature added
4.) Open .txt document feature added
5.) Save .txt document feature added
6.) Character information feature added
7.) Transparency settings added
8.) Center window feature added
9.) About dialog removed (replaced with About screen)
10.) Save clipboard to .txt document feature added
11.) 1 new text size added (for a total of 2)
12.) Donate button added
13.) Facebook "Like" button added
14.) Catzware Update feature redesigned
15.) Code cleaned up
16.) Performance improved
17.) Various bugs fixed
18.) Other minor changes

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4.4 +
Intel processor